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By Ama Agyeiwaa Afari 
A smartwatch is a (wearable) device that is worn on the wrist in the form of a wristwatch.  Many people are hardly interested in standard watches these days due to the advent of smartwatches. A mobile phone can tell the time, give us the date and has an alarm; a smart watch gives us more than just telling the time.
James L. McQuivey (of Forrester Research), described a smart watch as being ‘’someone who knows more about what you need than you do.’’  Smart watches give a local touchscreen interface that is used daily, while an associated smartphone app provides information management.
So the question is, why the need for a smart watch?
There are a lot of smart watches that are linked to a smartphone which gives the user notifications of incoming calls, messages and applications. Some can even go to the extent of making/answering a phone call, tracking our fitness activities, monitoring our sleep pattern, and a whole lot of other different activities.
Listed below are some of the things that a smart watch can do for you:
GPS on smart watches enables a user to track a location. Some of these watches can even give directions to a location. When heading left instead of right it can give a vibration to alert the user of the wrong turn.
Some smart watches do have a ‘’find phone/device’’ app which helps one locate a device by just sending a ring instruction through the watch. The phone rings so they can be located.
This helps to keep up with fitness goals. It can count steps, distances, check our calories, monitor heart rate, pulse and sleep. Some sports and fitness enthusiasts would rather use a smartwatch to track their fitness goals rather than a phone. This is because the watch is lightweight compared to having a phone with you whiles running or hiking.
Smart watches do help a user to receive notifications like incoming calls (especially when exercising), reply to messages, emails, as well as social media updates. Many of them also has anti-loss feature that   reminds a person, through vibration, when they move too far away from their phone.  This helps prevent a person from accidentally  leaving their phone behind.
There are a lot of models of smartwatches available with varying prices. We at easyCONNECT can help you pick the one that meet your needs. Most smart watches basically are fitness trackers with a display. This type can tell the time and show simple notification from your phone. With this type, your interaction is usually limited and most often, you will have to bring out your phone for more tasks. These type usually cost much less.
There are other phones that are more advanced. In addition to the above features,  they allow you to make and receive a call, even without your phone, among other things.
Whichever type you choose, make sure
  1. The watch works with your phone (IOS/ANDROID)
  2. You know how long the battery lasts
  3. To check that the features of the watch is what you need
  4. It is comfortable to wear: it’s going to be on your wrist a lot of the time. Just make sure it feels comfortable around your wrist.
Reach out to us at easyCONNECT for more information. Please send us an email at or give us a call at 0544921343/0302267986 


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